These kits give you the control and power to make your own lip balms!! How fun to tell people that you actually made these yourself! You could also use them for birthday parties, batchlorette parties...or just about any kind of fun girly party. 


This lip butter recipe has been voted on by people just like YOU. After doing tons of testing we have formulated the ultimate lip butter and we want to share these so you can make them and spread love. We need to make this world a better place and it all starts with us! When you do share them, please take a selfie of you sharing them with #spreadthelove - remember to be the change you wish to see in the world <3

The kit comes with pre-measured beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter and apricot kernel oil - just put them in a microwave safe dish until fully melted and then add flavor and pour into tubes. It comes with blank labels so you can design them anyway you wish. They are very professional looking so everyone will think you are a star!

Each kit makes 12 lip butters and comes with 1 flavor oil. 


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DIY Lip Butter Kit